About Us

Tony Montgomery Realty and Auction Company (TMRA) is a well-established Auction and Real Estate Company based in Plainview, MN and specializes in Real Estate and Auctions including Ag land, commercial, residential and personal property.  TMRA is affiliated with financing, lending, acquiring and liquidating various assets both personal and real for individuals and corporations throughout the area.

With our experience we have developed our 3 Way Marketing System:

Live Auctions
Onsite or designated locations includes live simulcast internet bidding

Online Internet Auctions
Organized by TMRA a specialized online internet Auction process

Conventional Real Estate Listing Services
Advertised through multiple listing service, media, newspaper, latest technology and TMRA personal

TMRA is a proud company representing a fast growing industry.  TMRA is dedicated to commitment and service creating success to every auction we conduct or real estate transaction we handle