Land Management 



According to USDA there are over 915 million acres of agricultural land in the United States 91.7 million in corn, 80 million in soybeans,

50.2 million in wheat and 16.8 million acres in alfalfa.

The average USDA yields accordingly Corn 169 bushel an acre.

      Soybeans 50 bushel an acre.

Wheat 62 bushel an acre.

Alfalfa 3.4 tons per acre.

It costs an average of $861 dollars an acre to produce corn $644 for an acre of beans and $170 per acre for wheat.

It takes three years to transition to have land qualify free from any chemicals before it can be certified for organic growth.

TMRA presents you with a CUSTOMIZED MANAGEMENT program on your land that attributes the highest and best use along with the husbandry the land deserves. Partnering with leading agricultural organizations that create today’s farming technology. A full complimented accounting awareness of any and all activity pertinent to your land is reported annually.  TMRA uniqueness of size assures our client’s best interest will be served!

“Managing land today is the most important aspect of securing tomorrow’s best opportunity for feeding the world tomorrow.” Tony L. Montgomery

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